Mulberry silk is luxuriously soft, comfortingly thick, beautifully shiny & made to last. All our products are handmade from 100% pure Mulberry silk for you to look good but feel even better.


Silk is… naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and asthma friendly.

Silk prevents the growth of microorganisms, mould, and bacteria- making it ideal if you have an allergy or asthma.

 Silk is… anti-bedhead.

Silk is soft and delicate on your hair. Leading hairdressers always recommend silk pillowcases, rather than ordinary pillowcases, because they leave the hair cared-for and soft in the morning.

 Silk is….gentle. 

Silk reduces friction and pressure on your skin, reducing facial wrinkles and creases over the years. You'll be getting a comfortable, wrinkle (and guilt)- free sleeping.

 Silk is… calming and temperature regulating.

Silk is a breathable fabric that helps the body maintain a natural temperature during all the seasons.