Silk is a natural & delicate fabric that needs to be treated carefully. The better you care for your silk, the longer it will last & look fantastic. 

So how should you care for your silk?

We always recommend hand-washing your silk items.  Simply put a small amount of delicate silk wash into your sink with some lukewarm water.  Please don’t ever use hot water with your silk as this will make your silk become brittle that liable to tear. Use your hands to gently clean your silk & then rinse thoroughly.

This will help keep the silk looking its best & will make the silk fibres even softer.

If you trust your washing machine’s delicate setting, you can machine wash with care if you’re pushed for time.  Again, the water should be tepid or cold – no higher than 30°C.

When it’s time to dry, don’t put your silk products in the tumble dryer but dry them naturally away from direct sunlight or heating vents.  Use soft or padded hangers to hang your silks & iron or steam using a low heat to restore sheen & softness.